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We are completely fluent with real-world models of "Social Selling in the Enterprise" and are able to have conversations at a depth that only the most sagacious and intuitive professionals are able to have. We map topics the prospects bring up to deep dive into their requirements, and plans at a whole new level.


You know that FHA and VA loan holders make great prospects for mortgage refinance offers. The question is, how can you be sure to get a quality list of prospects quickly and affordably?


Appointment Setting - Scheduling the first call for your sales rep with key executives

Lead Nurturing and Telenurturing - Develop those not-ready-for-engagement prospects into active sales cycles faster and increase retention of prospects



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We design highly customized and well-crafted live lead generation and live appointment setting campaigns to connect your business with the people who want exactly what you have to offer. The result: one of the most valuable demand generation investments you can make in the future of your company’s bottom line.

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