• Our Business Development agents set real time appointments or generate leads by first identifying whether the contact is a realistic prospect for your company. We base this on the qualification parameters that you set. It sounds easy. But before we pick up the phone, we’ve spent hours understanding your offering, your brand, your message and your market. And because our agents are paid hourly, not on commission, they can focus on the quality of the prospects we bring you, not the quantity.


  • Our Communication Specialists can sift through lists of potential names and contacts and then tell you who you need to be talking to, and who you don’t. Once we attain this invaluable information, we can help you keep track of the leads you have, and get your sales team in front of the prospect when they are ready to buy.

  • To help our clients bridge the “qualification gap,” Direct Source is offering a specialized service: live inbound and/or outbound lead qualification. Direct Source offers a sales lead qualification team that serves as an extension of your sales and marketing department. We provide a team of trained sales reps to serve as your company’s touch point for existing sales leads that fall into the qualification gap. This means that your in-house sales people only have to work with sales leads that have been adequately vetted and qualified up-front.

  • This is something that we see as essential to your time and energy: cleaning up old contact data and making it new again. That’s why we see Database Cleanup and Vetting as essential to your overall success. We can replace old data with new, accurate information for your contacts including titles, correct spelling, phone numbers, and email addresses.